Friday, 22 July 2011

OOTD - Friday.

okay, so i know that its 'summer' but the sky's currently poring its heart out and flooding England (no change there then!) so thanks to the weather i cracked out my 'big blue fluffy' jumper! i wore it with some leggings, which have leather knee patches and a vintage scarf!
thats about it, hehehe!

jumper - River island
leggings - h&m
scarf - vintage
pendant - Primark
bandanna - i cant remember I've had it that long!

someone make the sun come back please?! :(

hope you all have a lovely weekend! ♥


  1. aww, i love the jumper and the leggings! sadly can't get either here :(

  2. such a cute jumper, & love the legging's!