Saturday, 6 August 2011

ssssssssssnake skin & studs ♥

two huge trends for this Autum/Winter season is snake skin and punk rocker i mixed the two ('coz I'm daring like that ;)) i got this sheer snake skin top (which is longer and the back to cover my fat ass) from Primark and attached some studs onto the collar (i got my studs from Hobby Craft but I'm sure they sell them at any good craft store) I'm really happy with the way it turned out and i think I'll use my left over studs to decorate a bag or some black wedges!

another favourite of mine at the moment is the cracked nail polish...when this was all the rave a few months ago i wasn't all that fussed but..its grown on me! hehehe! i love the (also popular with celebs like Lauren Conrad and Alexa Chung) pale blue colour that I've used too!

next to my hair...i really really wanted to go blonde, but i darent! it really is just too much of a drastic change (i take back what i said before..I'm not daring at all!heheh)  so i thought id compromise and go for the laid back ombre hair! i was going to do it myself but i had a party that night and me and bleach could have ended in tears, oh and green hair. so i got my hairdressers to squeeze me in and had it done professionally (no tears or green hair in sight!) I'm so happy with the result its just how i wanted it!

have a happy weekend!


  1. cute outfit!
    Neat post... wanna follow each other!

  2. Nice shirt <3

  3. looks great, love the diy! Love your nails as well :) xx

  4. I love your top! dont dye your hair blonde! Looks nice as it is my lovely :) xx

  5. Your hair is SO cute! I've been scared to "ombre" my shorter hair, and now im so excited about it! Also, loving your blog :)