Tuesday, 5 July 2011


THIS IS MY NEW BESTFRIEND! I bought this liquid liner just to see what all the hype was about and now i understand! If you struggle to use liquid liner, like i do, but still want the perfect glossy line, you need to invest in one of these. Its so simple to draw the lines in varied thicknesses to suit you. Even if you've never ventured into the world of liquid liner, i would definitely start out with these. If i'm in a rush this is one of the things i grab to draw a quick no fuss line..and also very easy to do the classic winged eyeliner. These are priced at £5.50 each and come in Black, Brown, Navy and Purple.

If any of you fancy ordering from Eyeko, I am an ambassador so you can enter my code E16859 at the checkout and you will recieve a free gift with your purchases. I would strongly urge you to go and check out some of the products, especially this that i have mentioned and they ship internationally which is even better :)

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  1. The brown is gorgeous! It looks kind of copper-y which I really like since I have blue eyes! I think I need to take a peek at all there other stuff, I hear their mascara is good too!